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Announcements for August

Be Our Guest


Spaghetti Bake, Breadsticks, Lettuce Salad, Rice Crispy Treats


Chicken & Rice, Green Beans, Fruit Salad, Peach Cobbler

We had our July 24, 2019, Be Our Guest meal in the park and had a wonderful evening with 79 meals served.

We continue to have more families with children joining us at our meals and this is good community 

We would like to encourage anyone who has Wednesday evenings free to come join us in meal prep, set up or clean up. We’d love to see some new faces helping to do God’s work.--God’s Blessing from the Be Our Guest Committee

Food Pantry Personal Care Drive: The Independence Area Food Pantry is having a personal care drive on August 10 from 8-12. We will have 2 teams, one at Walmart and another at Fareway. We will be asking for donations and then bringing them back to the Pantry. We are in need of volunteers; contact Judy at if you are interested. You may also bring donations of personal care items to the church. Items most needed are deodorant, shampoo & conditioner, soap, and toothpaste.

Cedar Valley Hospice Release & Remember 2019: You are invited to join the Cedar Valley Release and Remember even on Sunday September 8thfrom 1-3pm at the Riverloop Amphitheatre. More info:

Military members:

Christa Leach will return to the states at the end of July and spend a couple of weeks at the base before returning back home mid-August

Christa Leach

387 AES Unit 61444

APO AE 09855-1444

Jordan Leach has been attending basic training since June and will graduate from basic training on Aug. 16. If anyone would like to send him a letter, his address is:

AB Leach, Jordan J

322 TRS - Flt 591 Dorm B6

1320 Truemper St Unit 364077

JBSA Lackland TX 78236-6432

If you know of anyone else serving in the armed forces, please contact the church office ( (827-6626). We’d like to remember them in our prayers.

Homebound members: 

Mary Jo Sullivan is at Grand View in Oelwein

Pastor Kristen Gone: Pastor Kristen will be on vacation Friday, Aug 2 through Sunday, Aug 4. Pastor Gary Hedding will be leading worship on Sunday, Aug 4. Pastor Kristen will also be gone at ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee Monday, Aug 5 through Saturday, Aug 10. If any pastoral care emergencies arise between Aug 2 and Aug 10, please contact Pastor Mike Ashman at Zion Jubilee Lutheran Church, 319-231-6440.

LWR School Kits:Back-to-school season is a great time to shop for items for Lutheran World Relief School Kits! Items needed include 70-sheet spiral notebooks, pencil sharpeners, 30 cm rulers, safety scissors, blue or black ballpoint pens (no gel ink), boxes of 24 crayons, and 2 ½” erasers. We also need several yards of heavy cotton fabric to make the backpacks. Donations may be placed in the entryway of the church. Thank you for your generosity!

Fellowship Hosts: Fellowship hosts are needed for 2019. Please sign up in the binder outside the secretary’s office.